24 March 2009

...i'm out of good coffee quotes and lyrics right now.

so, the blog has a new title. i'm not completely thrilled with it, but we'll see. if you're not familiar with the song, go to YouTube and type in "Black Coffee" it's a beautiful song.

today's topic is my personal coffee awakening.

i didn't start drinking coffee until i was seventeen. i worked at a coffee shop for almost a year prior to my coffee awakening. which makes me really sad for all of the people i served before i started drinking coffee. their drinks probably tasted terrible.

i hated coffee for a really long time. it's kind of silly. i knew that black coffee was very bitter, and the people my age that i saw drinking coffee put lots of cream and sugar in theirs. adults told me that i probably wouldn't enjoy coffee very much. so i believed everyone and every time i tried coffee, i loaded it up with lots of cream and sugar. and i HATED it.

it would have been very simple for me to make a connection and drink coffee for years previous: i drink unsweetened iced tea. i hate sweet tea. the only thing close to sweet tea that i like is Arizona Iced Tea with Lemon and if i'm feeling sassy, Firefly: the sweet tea vodka. so, if i'd thought about it for a few minutes, i would have realized that because i liked tea without sugar, i would also like coffee without sugar.

so, one night i was closing up java jitterz and i was pouring out the carafes of coffee. while i was doing this i thought to myself, "self, you're wasting an awful lot of coffee. why don't you drink some of this?" so i did. i drank two twelve ounce cups of sumatran coffee. it was delicious! it was the best thing i'd ever tasted! that night i was to meet janna and her friend toni at waffle house to hang out. so when i went to waffle house, i ordered coffee and drank it black. and that was even better than the hours-old sumatran from the shop!

i didn't go to bed before four for the rest of the summer. it was ridiculous. i didn't drink soda until about a year ago (now i'm a recovering diet coke addict) and so my caffeine intake was mostly non-existent.

so there you have it. if any of you guys are on-the-fence about how you feel about coffee, try drinking it a way that you haven't before! you may really like it. you may go crazy. or you may just enjoy reading about coffee. that's perfectly fine, too. but i encourage you to give coffee another try.

in other news:

i went to wilmington last weekend to visit my boyfriend. it's a really adorable city with lots of sweet little independent bars and stores. it very much reminded me of asheville. except for one thing: coffee shops. the city is overrun with Port City Java. i have no beef with Port City, i just wish there was more independent coffee to be seen around town. i saw one independent shop and dustin told me about one more. if you're thinking about opening a shop, head wilmington's way! they definitely need it and it's a really great city.

this summer i am trying to get a job in a theatre somewhere in the southeast, so i think this could be my very first coffee-free summer in two years. it makes me a little sad. i might try to see if Caffeind, aka my living room, needs someone to pick up a couple of late night shifts over the summer.



Seth C. said...

Black coffee is the way to go. I drink all of my coffee black...it's a way to cut out a lot of the crap I put into my body.

*Amber* said...

I miss your coffee blog.. :(