07 January 2009


picture post!

heya addicts.
here are some pictures of the double decker taken by me.
i'll also post a few that my friend paul took of the inside of the java jitterzjunkiebean.


this is a shot i took of the back of the bus. it's taken from where the barista sits at the computer or takes orders. see how tiny it is?

a barista's-eye view!

here's a view of our brews and flavors. underneath the counter you can see how little storage we have for our coffee beans.

this is one of the pictures that paul took. it's behind the bar of java bean. i love this shot.

another cool shot from paul. that's me, apparently moving with some conviction, serving some folks.

aaaand last one. preparing a drink.

hoorays for the picture post!! i'll have another one soonish of the outside and upstairs of the bus. i'll also take some pictures of the seating area and outside of the the java jitterzjunkiebean.

stay caffeinated.

1 comment:

Seth C. said...

I like the last picture the best because it's you doing one of the many things you do best, making coffee or a coffee-based drink.

Yum...coffee is good. :D